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The Field (s)

When you come back home after a long time you tend to see things in a different way, with new eyes. That’s what happened to me. After these two years in the US coming back to my hometown feels good. I discover a whole new world – it was always there but I had to grow up to see how beautiful it is.
I took these pictures in my parents field.

I also take the opportunity to introduce you to this Swedish band that I love:
The Field – The More That I Do

If you like this kind of music you should listen to the other bands signed under the label Kompakt. Here’s a free mix of the Kompakt artists by Michael Mayer.

Happy Blogday!

My blog finally reached it’s first cupcake Day!

The Summer2009 in BK is so full of great events that I have to share with you … before the summer’s actually over … Stay tuned!

First thing to enjoy a great summer, good music:
Telepathe – So Fine

New year!!!

Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks

100 million + 4

This is not about money (note: these days we only count money in billions..) but about rats. It is a real rat invasion in Soho-NY that happened in less than 2 weeks. It all started with this one next to my office a few days after Lehman Brothers’ fall.

At the corner of Broadway and Howard St.

Then a few blocks away on Grand St and Wooster:

Another one on West Houston:

And the last one on Canal St and West Broadway:

The artist behind this is Banksy, a British graffiti artist. His artwork is well known for being satirical about politics, culture and ethics…

A few question still remain.. why rats? why SoHo? is there more artwork to come?

People are still debating whether it is Banksy or not… I have a clue: I found his Signature Rat next to one of these artwork…

Umbrellas Waltz

I was looking for something to write with this illustration but i think it speaks for itself. There’s no need to mention that the weather is turning so bad that all the umbrellas are dying on the sidewalks… I would prefer to see them flying away with the wind… so here it is.

It’s over…

Summer is coming to an end.. no fireflies in the park anymore, the sky is dark around eight, no softball or kids playing…
Can’t wait for the orange-reddish colors to arrive.

A bit of Nostalgia

My mother just got a new digital camera and is very happy to send me photos from Home…
the family, the village, the area and desserts from my parent’s bakery…
and I don’t know why but I suddenly feel soooo nostalgic… sigh.

So here’s a piece from Home on my blog… an illustration of a stork… Alsace’s emblem.

New Yogi

I did it !
My first yoga lesson.
Very interesting experience… but I definitely need more practice to be able to float…