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Silence… damn it’s been 2 years !

Two years without a single post.

So many ideas came up to me since then.
So many photos to show.
So many tunes to share.
So many feelings kept inside.
All of it seems like faded away…

I won’t say I’m back.
I’m just here now.

Back to english.
After two years in Paris.
A few posts in french though before the sleep mode.

Had to click on the “lost password” link.
Couldn’t remember my id.
Nothing has changed here.
So still, so quiet (except for the 4000+ spam comments).
It feels like coming back home after a very long trip abroad.


Pulling the chair from this dusty desk.
Sitting there, where do I start ?



Tone Matrix

Just wanted to share that amazing application:  Tone Matrix

It’s so simple, it sounds beautiful whatever you do.

Lily of Brooklyn

This is the story of a little flower that made my heart melt.

Wandering in Brooklyn Heights this Sunday may 10th, taking random pictures I smelded a familiar fragrance. Under my nose a field of flowers that we call “Muguet” in french.

And there is a tradition in France on May first, to offer a bouquet of Muguet to your beloved, friends and family. As it was a private garden I just picked one stem to carry home and enjoy its smell till it dries out (thief!). Along the way I was trying to figure out the name of this flower in english, without success.

I hold that stem between my fingers as one would hold a cigarette and forgot about it while taking pictures. Then came the moment when I was flirting with the devil on a mysterious house…

… and I heard a sweet little voice saying

“A Lily of the Valley!”

And there she was, smiling at me, a 5 year old little girl talking about a “Lily of the Valley”. Voiceless, I stared at her and she understood that I had no clue of what she was talking about.

“The flower, it’s a Lily in the Valley” she repeated.

I had nothing better to say than

“Really?” and I was wondering how she could possibly know that, and again she read my thoughts and said

“Yes, and my name is Lily like the flower.”

She smiled at me and ran after her father walking further ahead.

“You have the sweetest name ever!” I shouted, stupidly.

My heart melted and by the time I realized what just happened, she was gone. I didn’t have the time to thank her. I wanted to offer her the stem, but it was too late. I guess she knew how I felt, as she was reading my thoughts during our 2 seconds conversation.

That little girl made my day. – Thank you MY “Lily of Brooklyn

“Coup de coeur” for Etsy

Hi everyone,

Today i wanted to talk to you about a website I discovered recently. Actually it’s the perfect timing with the upcoming Holidays… Etsy is a community for sellers and buyers of handmade (and vintage) objects. The first look on the homepage made me want to buy everything!!

After a few clicks I found these amazing searching options: recently sold, shop local, by person, recently added also called the Time Machine and more…

My favorite spot on this website is the by Color search. You should really try it! All these colors popping up from nowhere and the products displayed as cards you can throw. It’s a great online shopping experience!



Hallucinogenic Watermelon

Maybe I’m eating too much watermelon…

But here in the US, watermelon is so tasty, sweet… and seedless.
How could I not be addicted to it!

The Red Trolley


Just a trivial illustration.


… is my favorite sport.

Actually the only sport I like.
My first baseball experience was on Staten Island, the Yankees against Cyclones in 2006.
I was so excited to see the Yankees, I bought a flag and a lot of other merchandising… till someone told me that they were not the “real” Yankees…. the were the Staten Island Yankees… Now I understand why I was the only person that excited in the stadium…

Next > I want to discover the Keyspan Park – the Cyclones Stadium.