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NO DEJA VU is a travel blog focused on discovering cities from an “anti-touristic” perspective… for travelers on the quest for inspiration.

I had the chance to meet Véronique working as a web-strategist for Mint Birdy and Karl-Frédéric artistic director at Ekorce, on a 10 day trip to New York City. Both from Montréal, QC, they decided to create a travel guide/blog oriented to the artisitc aspect of the cities. Their goal is to seek out the latest and greatest design objects, various oddities and contemporary urban culture and share their finds with us.

New York is their first stage and they will cross the seas and land in Helsinki – Stockholm – Copenhagen – Paris to bring you the Best and the Unexpected.

And because Brooklyn is the Best of New York, it’s at Loki Lounge on 5th avenue and 2nd street that we met. Chatting about the great neighborhoods, my vision and experience of the borough, nice places they had to visit before they leave, etc.

I want to thank them again for the great time we spent together and the nice article featured on their blog.

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