Under the BQE

A week ago I left Park Slope and moved (back) in a neighborhood called Cobble Hill. I recently wrote about this nice area from Brooklyn on that blog – From Park Slope to Cobble Hill and also old photos from the time I first arrived in BK. And even if I spent two months here in dec07-jan08, there’s a whole part of it that I never saw.

The journey begins with a left turn out of the building where I live, I cross Henry Street and I can’t prevent myself to pull my camera out and shoot the restaurant signs across the street.

I continue my way to the west side after two blocks I cross an entrance of the BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway) and arrive under the Heights of Prospect.

I’m walking under the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and found myself in front of a construction area that is supposed to be the future location of Brooklyn Bridge Park at the waterfront.

The other side of the road are the BQE foundations and as you can see, it could need at little facelift! But there are very interesting shapes and textures.

At the end of that road is the Brooklyn Bridge and this is where to pass from Brooklyn Heights to Dumbo.

I decided to go back to Cobble Hill by walking on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade but my camera was too curious and I got lost in the paralell streets.

This post is already long enough so I will split today’s adventure in two. And stay tuned because there’s an upcoming heart-melting story!  (I didn’t recover from it yet – oh Lily!)

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  1. 1 Luc

    C’est quoi le diaporama que tu utilise dans tes articles ?

    ça m’interesse :)

  2. 2 the french Brooklynite

    J’utilise le plug-in de NextGen Gallery.

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