Check this out!

Ok, here is the thing…
After a real good american burger that I enjoyed in an excellent restaurant in Soho – where i’m used to go with my co-workers… we got this check:

Apparently nothing wrong.

The price matches what we ordered… but just under the amount… a nice “Service is not included”.
We are in Soho with a lot of tourists, so there are used to all these european people who never leave a tip… so nothing offending.
But this is the first time that I got a double arrowed-underlined-hearted drawn bill.
This is what happens when two people are speaking french in a restaurant.
Actually two french people… But two french Brooklynites !

Anyway, the burger was excellent, and with such a nice “Thank You”, I will have to go back!
See you soon at F******’ * !

3 Responses to “Check this out!”

  1. 1 Hiro Kurosawa

    Hello I have been working as a waiter in NYC for quite a while and my conclusion is that probably the waiter didn’t judge you for being french but for being cheap. What do you mean only one beer?? that is cheap!!!

  2. 2 the french Brooklynite

    I know it is cheap, I’m not complaining about the price at all. I defy anyone to find such a good burger for this cheap. I just thought the way they “suggested” the tip was funny.

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