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Atlantic Antic Fair

This Sunday, the Atlantic Antic Fair took place in Brooklyn on Atlantic Avenue -of course. It’s the biggest fair in NYC with its 10 blocks of food, music and animation.

What I enjoyed the most was the New York Transit Museum collection of vintage buses. [Photos]

The Chocolate Room

This is just an excuse to go back to the Chocolate Room.
Located on 5th avenue in Brooklyn this is THE place to get your chocolate dose to feel better – hey, it’s scientifically proven that chocolate is good for your health and mood -  so be rational for once ;)

And it is in front of one of their Amazing Chocolate Mousse that a Star is born.
Yeah ! I got interviewed there, about my blog and my life in Brooklyn NY.
Here’s the website -Madmoizelle- that published every crazy french word I said with my mouth full of chocolate!

And if you don’t like chocolate go enjoy their teas and the very nice set.

The Red Hook

I spent my sultry Sunday afternoon in Red Hook – Brooklyn.
Not in the huge and brand new IKEA… but on the Waterfront with its old warehouses.
In the streets where wild grass and sunflowers grow between the cobbles, where everything is rusty, where old cars are part of the set.[ Red Hook Gallery ]

Everything is so inspiring… such a contrast with the city.
A place that should be kept as a secret…
I guess it’s too late now… the Swedish are already there…
So that’s why you have to go before it’s too late !

In the middle of this the BWAC (Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition) organizes “Art in Free Fall” – a free art exhibition with bands, dancers, installations from September 13th to October 26th.

Still need another reason to go ?
Ask for Steve’s Key Lime Pies !

Useless board.

That sign can be found on the walls surrounding the famous Cyclone rollercoaster.
Unfortunately, it was the last day of Astroland Park… (more)
That sign just lost its purpose…

By the way, I survived the Coney Island Cyclone !

Coney Island

Weather Experts expect a sunny and warm Saturday.
Let’s jump on the train to Coney Island! and have fun at the amusement park and the beach !

My location

This is where I live in Brooklyn.

1st Post

Here am I !
- the french Brooklynite.