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The french Brooklynite in Montréal!


After many months without updating this blog, I’m glad to announce you that the french Brooklynite is back! As my US visa expired last September it ended the Brooklyn adventure… So I applied for a Canadian visa…

… and Montréal here I am!

A new city, new places to discover, new inspiration, new people to meet.

I also updated my portfolio as I am looking for a job in Montréal, check it out and if you know people offering a Graphic Designer position, you know where to find me!
– Thanks


Talk to you soon, take care!

100 million + 4

This is not about money (note: these days we only count money in billions..) but about rats. It is a real rat invasion in Soho-NY that happened in less than 2 weeks. It all started with this one next to my office a few days after Lehman Brothers’ fall.

At the corner of Broadway and Howard St.

Then a few blocks away on Grand St and Wooster:

Another one on West Houston:

And the last one on Canal St and West Broadway:

The artist behind this is Banksy, a British graffiti artist. His artwork is well known for being satirical about politics, culture and ethics…

A few question still remain.. why rats? why SoHo? is there more artwork to come?

People are still debating whether it is Banksy or not… I have a clue: I found his Signature Rat next to one of these artwork…