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The Red Hook

I spent my sultry Sunday afternoon in Red Hook – Brooklyn.
Not in the huge and brand new IKEA… but on the Waterfront with its old warehouses.
In the streets where wild grass and sunflowers grow between the cobbles, where everything is rusty, where old cars are part of the set.[ Red Hook Gallery ]

Everything is so inspiring… such a contrast with the city.
A place that should be kept as a secret…
I guess it’s too late now… the Swedish are already there…
So that’s why you have to go before it’s too late !

In the middle of this the BWAC (Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition) organizes “Art in Free Fall” – a free art exhibition with bands, dancers, installations from September 13th to October 26th.

Still need another reason to go ?
Ask for Steve’s Key Lime Pies !

A bit of Nostalgia

My mother just got a new digital camera and is very happy to send me photos from Home…
the family, the village, the area and desserts from my parent’s bakery…
and I don’t know why but I suddenly feel soooo nostalgic… sigh.

So here’s a piece from Home on my blog… an illustration of a stork… Alsace’s emblem.

New Yogi

I did it !
My first yoga lesson.
Very interesting experience… but I definitely need more practice to be able to float…

Hallucinogenic Watermelon

Maybe I’m eating too much watermelon…

But here in the US, watermelon is so tasty, sweet… and seedless.
How could I not be addicted to it!

The Red Trolley


Just a trivial illustration.