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Today I feel like fighting Fall! Summer time tune and light colors are here to help.

Bag Raiders – Sunlight


Crystal Fighters – “Follow”

Fall has arrived in Montreal…

“It just keeps coming back again…”

Simian Mobile Disco – I Believe


Wandering around a nice Saturday afternoon, I found myself close to the Botanical Garden of Montreal where a saw a poster of a “Butterflies Go Free” exhibition. This place was like in a little girl’s dream, warm, sunny, a lot of beautiful flowers and colorful butterflies flying around… Even if it sounds corny, you should definitely check it out! The exhibition is held till Sunday April 25th. More info here.

La Cabane à Sucre

… or “The Place where Maple Syrup is brought to Life”… and ends in my stomac.

Invited by a friend for a Sunday brunch, we drove one hour north of Montreal to end in a hidden place close to the woods. Well… hidden might not be the right word as that place was packed with people and especially kids. It’s like paradise for them, there’s SUGAR all over the place, in each dish, each glass and candy!
This is why it’s called a SUGAR SHACK.
The food was amazing (so sugary, so salty, so fat, so everything)! It felt so good to have a walk and do a snow ball fight in the woods after lunch!
No wonder it is not recommended to have that experience more than once a year ;)

Here’s a slideshow with pics from the shack.

I want to believe…

FIRST day at work, FIRST lunch with colleagues, FIRST fortune cookie…

Sometimes I want to believe…

Listen to: Yeasayer – ONE

This is one of the latest band I can’t stop listening too… Great music from BK.
Here’s their myspace: www.myspace.com/yeasayer
They are also touring in the biggest cities included:
Paris (March, 19), NY (May, 4) and Montreal (May, 2)

Montréal en Lumière

Saturday Feb 20, there was a free show given on Place-des-Arts in Montreal, 60 performers, good music, liiights and fireworks. The Festival Montreal en Lumiere is going on till Sat 27, ending with La Nuit Blanche. I checked the program of that night, there’s so much to do! The good thing is that public transportation is working all night, with free buses.

Here’s a video of the crowd dancing after the show:
(people in Montreal are not afraid of snow storms.. nothing could prevent them from dancing :) )