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Today I feel like fighting Fall! Summer time tune and light colors are here to help.

Bag Raiders – Sunlight


Crystal Fighters – “Follow”

Washed out

Feel it all around

In the train from L.A. to San Diego

Listen to: Yeasayer – ONE

This is one of the latest band I can’t stop listening too… Great music from BK.
Here’s their myspace: www.myspace.com/yeasayer
They are also touring in the biggest cities included:
Paris (March, 19), NY (May, 4) and Montreal (May, 2)

Montréal en Lumière

Saturday Feb 20, there was a free show given on Place-des-Arts in Montreal, 60 performers, good music, liiights and fireworks. The Festival Montreal en Lumiere is going on till Sat 27, ending with La Nuit Blanche. I checked the program of that night, there’s so much to do! The good thing is that public transportation is working all night, with free buses.

Here’s a video of the crowd dancing after the show:
(people in Montreal are not afraid of snow storms.. nothing could prevent them from dancing :) )

Tips for job search in Montréal

Things you need for your job search in winter time:

#1 A nice resume

#2 A good cover letter

#3 An excellent portfolio

#4 A pair of decent SOCKS:

As the big winter shoes tend to collect a lot of snow in their sole, usually people will ask you to remove your shoes in order not to ruin their floors… same for job interviews… stressful enough, here’s another thing to think about : “What socks did I wear this morning? – Hopefully not the green dotted ones with that big hole…”

Here’s funky music for funky socks :)

Listen to: Cassius – 1999

Follow the Golden fox

Let’s start this week with a new tune.

The Golden Filter – Solid Gold.

The Field (s)

When you come back home after a long time you tend to see things in a different way, with new eyes. That’s what happened to me. After these two years in the US coming back to my hometown feels good. I discover a whole new world – it was always there but I had to grow up to see how beautiful it is.
I took these pictures in my parents field.

I also take the opportunity to introduce you to this Swedish band that I love:
The Field – The More That I Do

If you like this kind of music you should listen to the other bands signed under the label Kompakt. Here’s a free mix of the Kompakt artists by Michael Mayer.