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A nap in Prospect Park

So close to the sky and the ground… reading The Brooklyn Follies.

More photos Here.

From Park Slope to Cobble Hill

The zone between 5th avenue (park slope) and Smith street (cobble hill) was kind of blurry for me. What could possibly be on the few blocks separating the two great areas. Union street was chosen to be the link and it all starts on 4th avenue, already a huge contrast with the 5th as there’s a 5-way road + subway lines.

Imagine what could be on the 3rd… but forget about the prejudices, passed that car-crowded line there are even no traffic lights (the quota was over passed on the 4th).

Following are blocks full of red brick industrial walls, rusty doors and busy taking pictures of these inspiring faded colors I lost track of the avenues numbers till I realized I was about to cross a bridge. A bridge?! Crossing the Gowanus Canal …something I do everyday on the F line between ’4 avenue’ and ‘smith street’ without knowing it. Here I stand, on this metallic, bold green structure, shooting rusty pipes and cracking paint, it was really cold that day. I wish I had taken more pictures. The next block the familiar brownstone houses are back… already, sigh, here’s Cobble Hill. I wished there would be more to explore. I will have to attempt the same travel on another street to link these two areas, I’m sure there’s a lot to see!

Here’s the link to the gallery of that trip.