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Crystal Fighters – “Follow”

Washed out

Feel it all around

In the train from L.A. to San Diego

Waiting for California…

Waiting at Burlington airport @5am… flying to LAX

Sound: Misteur Valaire – “Ave Mucho”

Listen to: Yeasayer – ONE

This is one of the latest band I can’t stop listening too… Great music from BK.
Here’s their myspace: www.myspace.com/yeasayer
They are also touring in the biggest cities included:
Paris (March, 19), NY (May, 4) and Montreal (May, 2)

Follow the Golden fox

Let’s start this week with a new tune.

The Golden Filter – Solid Gold.

The Field (s)

When you come back home after a long time you tend to see things in a different way, with new eyes. That’s what happened to me. After these two years in the US coming back to my hometown feels good. I discover a whole new world – it was always there but I had to grow up to see how beautiful it is.
I took these pictures in my parents field.

I also take the opportunity to introduce you to this Swedish band that I love:
The Field – The More That I Do

If you like this kind of music you should listen to the other bands signed under the label Kompakt. Here’s a free mix of the Kompakt artists by Michael Mayer.

Happy Blogday!

My blog finally reached it’s first cupcake Day!

The Summer2009 in BK is so full of great events that I have to share with you … before the summer’s actually over … Stay tuned!

First thing to enjoy a great summer, good music:
Telepathe – So Fine

Passion Pit – The Reeling

This is an excellent remix of “The Reeling” (Passion Pit) by Calvin Harris.

Passion Pit releases it’s new album today! Check their myspace page for more music!