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Sweet! Please.

At least! (i’m back)… my excuse?

I was looking for sweet popcorn… does that count? Well it seems easy….actually you can find salty popcorn, popcorn with butter, or garlic popcorn, pizza popcorn, hamburger popcorn.. and worse, but no sweet delightful popcorn… till one day I found this Cracker Jack, cheap, perfect size, and sweeeet Caramel taste.

Why do they not sell these sweet treats in theaters? Last time I harassed the popcorn seller at the counter to get sugar in my portion, he was wondering where people who eat sugary pops could come from… “May I suggest you to get regular (salty) popcorn and coke, so it will become sweet in your mouth.”. …!!!… I gave up.

I’m going to watch the new James Bond tonight… but before that be sure I will get my Cracker Jack!