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Free Music // LSTN#3 & #4

2 free compilations offered by Urban Outfitters.

I’m downloading them right now. It’s a good way to bring something new to your ears and make them happy. I’m sure the tunes are as great as on the two first compilations with nice surprises (Glasser, Lykke Li, Department of Eagles, etc.) Enjoy!

Urban Outfitters’ Playlist

Hi, I hope you had a good weekend.

Here’s something for you… For those who don’t know, there’s a new Urban Outfitters store in Brooklyn – GREAT NEWS right!

… and it’s such a pleasure to browse the store because it’s EMPTY – the store is all yours, no waiting at the fitting rooms – not only 0 and 2 sized clothes left – everybody’s nice, without stress…

Here’s the new location: 166 Atlantic Ave – Brooklyn, NY 12201 [map]

If  you want to get in the mood before shopping, here are also two great mixes provided by UO this means 42 trendy and FREE songs… enjoy!