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100 million + 4

This is not about money (note: these days we only count money in billions..) but about rats. It is a real rat invasion in Soho-NY that happened in less than 2 weeks. It all started with this one next to my office a few days after Lehman Brothers’ fall.

At the corner of Broadway and Howard St.

Then a few blocks away on Grand St and Wooster:

Another one on West Houston:

And the last one on Canal St and West Broadway:

The artist behind this is Banksy, a British graffiti artist. His artwork is well known for being satirical about politics, culture and ethics…

A few question still remain.. why rats? why SoHo? is there more artwork to come?

People are still debating whether it is Banksy or not… I have a clue: I found his Signature Rat next to one of these artwork…